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The Nürburgring is a long and challenging race track located in western Germany, situated among the forested hills of the Eifel region. It features 73 professional-grade turns, long straights and multiple elevation changes, making it one of the toughest yet most rewarding race tracks in the world.

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GT WC Europe    
July 26-28 2024
McLaren Trophy    
July 26-28 2024

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August 26-28 2022

Nürburgring: Interesting Facts

Nearest track of a similar category is Spa-Francorchamps (70 kilometers away).

  1. The Nurburgring was designed in 1925 by renowned architect, Dr. Otto Creutz, and is one of the oldest purpose-built motor racing circuits in the world.

  2. The original circuit was constructed on the banks of the river Nurburg, with the famous Nordschleife loop making up the majority of the track’s notorious 17.5km length.

  3. The Nurburgring held its first race in 1927 and later hosted the German Grand Prix in 1951.

  4. The Nurburgring is one of the most difficult and challenging race circuits in the world and is nicknamed ‘The Green Hell’ due to its immense difficulty and unforgiving nature.

  5. The Ring was designed as an automotive testing track and remains as one of the World’s most popular proving grounds for every major motoring and motorsport brand.

  6. The Nurburgring holds the record for the longest continuous circuit in the world, at 28.3km.

  7. There have been over 80 million race laps completed at the Nurburgring since it was officially opened in 1927.

  8. The Nurburgring has housed a total of 97 Formula One World Championship races between 1951 and 2013.

  9. Formula One star, Michael Schumacher, holds the current lap record at the Nurgurgring, with a time of 1:29.468.

  10. The Nurburgring has become a tourist destination for car and motorcycle enthusiasts, with a museum, shops and restaurants all built around the track.

FIA Grade:  -    Length:  5148 m    Turns:  16

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