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The Monaco Grand Prix circuit is an iconic street race located in the small city-state of Monaco on the French Riviera. Laid out on narrow, winding city streets, the circuit has been a Formula One race staple since 1950.

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Nothing on the radar. The engines are silent, the tires are cold and the asphalt is getting greener with every passing day.

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May 27-29 2022

Monaco: Interesting Facts

Nearest track of a similar category is Circuit Paul Ricard (141 kilometers away).


  1. The Circuit de Monaco is the most challenging race track on the Formula One calendar.
  2. The lap time for the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the slowest of the season due to its tight, twisty nature.
  3. The Monaco track has no run-off areas, meaning if a driver makes a mistake it is likely to end their race.
  4. The Monaco Grand Prix is run on a narrow circuit that resembles nothing like any other Grand Prix course.
  5. The Monaco Grand Prix is the oldest race in the Formula One World Championships and has been held annually since 1929.
  6. In 1984 the race was declared the first wet-weather race in Grand Prix history.
  7. The Monaco Grand Prix race circuit features 19 turns and a tunnel, the only one on the Formula One calendar.
  8. The Monaco GP circuit is the only track on the Formula One calendar to be run on public roads.
  9. The Monaco GP is considered to be the most glamorous race on the Formula One calendar.
  10. The circuit has two of the longest straights in Formula One, allowing drivers to reach top speeds of around 160mph.
FIA Grade:  1    Length:  3337 m    Turns:  19

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