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Brands Hatch is a famous racing circuit in Kent, England, which has played host to several prominent motorsport series over the decades. The circuit is known for its curves, inclines and high-speed straights.

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Nothing on the radar. The engines are silent, the tires are cold and the asphalt is getting greener with every passing day.

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British GT    
September 10-11 2022
GT WC Europe    
April 30-May 1 2022

Brands Hatch: Interesting Facts

Nearest track of a similar category is Silverstone (119 kilometers away).

  1. Brands Hatch is one of the most iconic racing circuits in the world, having hosted some of the most legendary motorsport events ever.

  2. Brands Hatch has hosted the British Grand Prix thirteen times in its history, from 1964-1986.

  3. The circuit has a great mix of short straights, tight corners and several elevation changes, which makes the track extremely challenging for drivers.

  4. Brands Hatch is made up of two separate tracks, the shorter Indy circuit and the longer Grand Prix circuit – each of which can be raced in reverse.

  5. The circuit is just over two miles long and features a total of nine corners.

  6. The track first opened in 1950 and was the site of the first British Grand Prix to be held on a purpose-built track.

  7. The track has hosted the most Grand Prix motorcycle road races of any track in the UK.

  8. Brands Hatch has been used in several Hollywood-style racing sequences, most notably the opening scene of the film Rush which is set at the circuit.

  9. The circuit features the notable Paddock Hill Bend, which is often used as a photo opportunity for race teams at the start and end of the race.

  10. Brands Hatch held its first 24-hour endurance race in 1983, which was won by a pair of Group C cars from the Courage Racing team.

FIA Grade:  -    Length:  4207 m    Turns:  9

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