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The Adelaide circuit is a challenging and iconic street circuit located in the heart of South Australia's vibrant capital city. It features a variety of long and fast straights, tight corners and a challenging layout, providing a demanding race experience.

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Nothing on the radar. The engines are silent, the tires are cold and the asphalt is getting greener with every passing day.

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December 2-4 2022
VALO Adelaide 500

Adelaide: Interesting Facts

Nearest track of a similar category is Albert Park (654 kilometers away).

  1. The Adelaide track is one of the most iconic Grand Prix circuits in the world and is located right in the heart of the city.

  2. The track was designed by acclaimed race car design Murray Grand and it opened in 1985.

  3. The track was initially created as a street race, but it was eventually decided that a more permanent circuit was needed.

  4. The Adelaide street circuit is only 4.35 km in length, making it one of the shortest F1 tracks.

  5. One of the most memorable moments in Adelaide's history was when Ayrton Senna clinched the world championship title in 1993 on the track.

  6. The Adelaide circuit consists of 8 left hand turns and 6 right hand turns and the track record is held by Rubens Barrichello at 1:14.832.

  7. There is an impressive 30,000 grandstand seats surrounding the track, making it one of the most spectator friendly circuits.

  8. Over the years, the Adelaide track has undergone two significant redesigns to make it safer for drivers.

  9. The Adelaide circuit is unique in that it is the only F1 track to have a stretch of road with a tram line running through it.

  10. The Adelaide track is known for hosting the most chaotic and unpredictable Grand Prix's, with many shocking and exciting changes in results over the years.

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