Formula 1 at Monza

September 4-6 2020

This is the 8th event of the 14-event 2020 season. Drivers will battle on the fantastic Monza circuit before heading off to Mugello on the next weekend.

How to watch

F1TV is your best bet – when it works. As most online platforms, there's the occasional but super frustrating hiccup. Take our sage advice and remember: the mobile apps usually work better than the web player.

Apart from that, F1 TV is great. The onboards with radio are super nice to have, and you'll easily get addicted to it. You'll also be able to watch the support series, so hey!

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Event Schedule

Practice 1 P
Friday Sep 4th at 11:00
Practice 2 P
Friday Sep 4th at 15:00
Practice 3 P
Saturday Sep 5th at 12:00
Qualifying 1 Q
Saturday Sep 5th at 15:00
Race 1 R
Sunday Sep 6th at 15:10

About Monza

One of the fastest tracks on any calendar. If you're into that thing, it truly is the Temple of Speed. If not, the track is basically a few chicanes with naps in between. But it's Italy!