8 Hours of Portimão

WEC at Portimão Circuit

April 4 2021   June 13 2021

   This event was moved - new date is June 13 2021
        There were some early changes to the calendar, and this event has been moved to April 4 2021.
        [Click here](wec-portimao-june-13th-2021) to see the updated event.

        We're keeping this page around for historical purposes. We'd hate if anyone missed a race, you know?

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About Portimão Circuit

Interesting facts about the circuit:

  1. The circuit was built in 2008, making it a fairly new addition to the racing circuit landscape.

  2. The track is 2.9 miles long and has 13 turns that make up the lap.

  3. The record lap time at the track is 1:22.674, set by Fernando Alonso in qualifying for the 2008 European Grand Prix.

  4. The P... Keep reading?

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