24h Series at Sebring International Raceway

November 18-20 2022

This is the 7th event of the 9-event 2022 season. Drivers will battle on the fantastic Sebring circuit before heading off to Dubai Autodrome in 8 weeks time.

How to watch

Head over the the offical 24hseries.com website, they have a stream linked for the race and some earlier sessions.

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About Sebring International Raceway

Interesting facts about the circuit:

  1. Sebring International Raceway is one of the oldest and most storied race tracks in the world, and is also the oldest track in the nation that is still in operation.

  2. The track was designed by renowned architect and race car driver, Alfred Vail in 1950.

  3. Sebring International Raceway is only... Keep reading?

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