Hankook 12h Mugello

24h Series at Mugello

March 26-27 2021

This is the 3rd event of the 9-event 2021 season. Drivers will battle on the fantastic Mugello circuit before heading off to Paul Ricard in 4 weeks time.

How to watch

Head over the the offical 24hseries.com website, they have a stream linked for the race and some earlier sessions.

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About Mugello

Interesting facts about the circuit:

  1. The Mugello Circuit is located in the Mugello Valley in North East Tuscany, Italy.

  2. The circuit was originally built in 1974 and was first used as part of the 1975 World Championship Motorcycle Grand Prix series.

  3. The longest version of the circuit is 5.2 km long, however an alternate ver... Keep reading?

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