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Yas Marina

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The Yas Marina Circuit is a 5.554km motorsport race track located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The circuit features 21 turns and a long 2.2km straightaway.

Upcoming Events and Sessions

Nothing on the radar. The engines are silent, the tires are cold and the asphalt is getting greener with every passing day.

Past Events

Intercontinental GT    
December 9-11 2022
Formula 1    
November 18-20 2022
Asian Le Mans    
February 18-20 2022

Yas Marina: Interesting Facts

Nearest track of a similar category is Dubai Autodrome (91 kilometers away).

  1. The length of the Yas Marina circuit is 5.554km, making it the second longest circuit on the F1 calendar behind Spa-Francorchamps.

  2. The circuit is named after the multi-billion dollar development of the same name located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

  3. The track consists of two separate loops, one running clockwise and the other anticlockwise, with the centre section connecting them in a giant figure 8.

  4. The circuit features a 360 degree illuminated mood lighting system which changes colour as the race progresses.

  5. The pit lane complex is located within a giant glass and steel arched canopy resembling a desert oasis.

  6. The circuit has 21 corners and is one of the fastest on the calendar with an average speed of 200km/h.

  7. The circuit is one of the most technically demanding circuits on the F1 calendar.

  8. The Yas Marina circuit was the first to feature a bridge section, with the bridge spanning part of the Harbour between the two loops.

  9. The circuit was designed by architect Hermann Tilke and opened for business in 2009.

  10. The circuit is often very busy due to its off-track attractions, with karting, motorbike racing, jet skiing, sailing and drift-training all on offer.

FIA Grade:  -    Length:  5554 m    Turns:  20

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