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Oulton Park

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Oulton Park is an undulating parkland circuit located in Cheshire, England. It hosts a wide variety of national and international motor racing events throughout the year.

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Nothing on the radar. The engines are silent, the tires are cold and the asphalt is getting greener with every passing day.

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British GT    
April 16-18 2022

Oulton Park: Interesting Facts

Nearest track of a similar category is Donington Park (91 kilometers away).

  1. Oulton Park is among the oldest motor racing circuits in the UK and was established in 1953.

  2. The circuit is 2.69 miles long and offers drivers a diverse mix of high speed straights, tight corners and elevation changes.

  3. The circuit is located in Cheshire, close to the city of Chester and the market town of Tarporley.

  4. Oulton Park has hosted almost every major motor sport discipline, including F1 Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing, British Touring Cars, Sports Cars and Rally Cross.

  5. The circuit is affectionately known as ‘The Snake’ owing to its winding corners and undulations.

  6. Former Grand Prix driver and Touring Car star Tom Kristensen holds the record time for the fastest lap at Oulton Park of 1:45.709.

  7. Oulton Park actively encourages future talent to get involved in motor racing, and holds annual karting championships for all ages.

  8. The circuit is home to the historic Oulton Park Gold Cup, which was first held in 1930 and is the oldest non-championship race event in the world.

  9. The circuit is also home to ‘Club Corner’, a legendary part of the track which is considered one of the most challenging and scariest parts of the circuit.

  10. The circuit is still popular amongst motorsport fans today and attracts over 200,000 fans to its race events each year.

FIA Grade:  -    Length:  4307 m    Turns:  17

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