Mount Panorama Circuit

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Mount Panorama Circuit is a world-famous racetrack located in Bathurst, Australia, renowned for its sharp curves, long straights and dramatic elevation changes. The 6.213 km track features 23 turns with an elevation difference of 174 metres.

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Nothing on the radar. The engines are silent, the tires are cold and the asphalt is getting greener with every passing day.

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Intercontinental GT    
May 13-15 2022

Bathhurst: Interesting Facts

Nearest track of a similar category is Albert Park (641 kilometers away).

  1. The Mount Panorama Circuit was first opened in 1938, and has since become one of the most iconic race circuits in the world.

  2. It features a 6.213 kilometer street circuit which winds its way through the town of Bathurst.

  3. It is home to the iconic Bathurst 12 Hour endurance race which is held every year.

  4. The circuit is also home to the annual Bathurst 1000, which is one of the most prestigious endurance races in the world.

  5. Much of the race circuit specifically designed for high-speed car racing and is mainly used for two wheeled motor sports.

  6. There have been several accidents and fatalities related to the Mount Panorama Circuit over the years.

  7. The Mount Panorama Circuit is the only race track in the world to host a race that is certified by both the FIA and CAMS.

  8. The circuit is considered to be one of the most challenging in the country to master and is often used as a testing ground for aspiring race car drivers.

  9. It is home to the infamous "The Dipper" section of the track, which is considered to be a difficult and dangerous corner for professional racers.

  10. In 2006, the Mount Panorama Circuit was added to the World Heritage List as a cultural landscape.

FIA Grade:  3    Length:  6213 m    Turns:  23

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