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Jeddah Street Circuit

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The Jeddah Street Circuit is a temporary street circuit in Saudi Arabia that runs for 5.4 km and is used for international motor racing events. It features 13 turns and a mix of long straights and tight corners.

Upcoming Events and Sessions

GT WC Europe    
November 22-24 2024

Past Events

Formula 1    
March 25-27 2022

Jeddah: Interesting Facts

Nearest track of a similar category is Bahrain International Circuit (1256 kilometers away).

  1. The Jeddah Street Circuit, located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is a street circuit used for motor racing and is set to host its first World Rallycross Championship event in December 2021.

  2. The layout features an intricate combination of technical twists and turns which make Jeddah one of the most demanding tracks.

  3. The track is 5.4 km in length with 13 challenging turns and the fastest lap recorded for the circuit is 1:45.862.

  4. The circuit, designed by Slovakia-based racing circuit design firm Profund, features a mix of track elements, including slightly banked corners, chicanes and double apexes.

  5. In order to build the circuit, 32,000 m3 of asphalt and 2,000 tons of steel had to be used.

  6. The design of the circuit has been inspired by the historic Grand Prix circuits of the 1960s, including Monaco and Spa-Francorchamps.

  7. The circuit is equipped with advanced digital data and timing systems which provide real time information on track conditions, lap times and driver performance.

  8. The Jeddah Street Circuit is the first street circuit in Saudi Arabia, making it an iconic symbol of the country's growing sports car culture.

  9. The circuit design was also inspired by the traditional Arabian architecture, taking its cues from Jeddah's architecture.

  10. The circuit features a special tunnel which is just over two metres in height and length, giving drivers a special experience.

FIA Grade:  1    Length:  6174 m    Turns:  27

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